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2nd Single Album


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Release date
Track list



3. EXIT(Inst.)

Album introduction

T1419’s second single album,‘BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 2’ is released!

T1419’s second story looking for ‘complete me’ begins!

‘The second story of 4 series of ‘BEFORE SUNRISE’to become ‘SUNRISE=complete me’!

*The first part, ‘Total Solar Eclipse – Recognition
*The second part,‘Dawn(Sunrise), Evening(Sunset)’ – Chaos
(The celestial phenomenons related to the album composition of each part in the series means growth and life of T1419.)

[EXIT(엑시트): Look for a new exit!]

“The time like a beautiful dawn of someone can be a cold and chilly moment of other else.”

Not focusing on the adolescence of continuous brightness and shininess, T1419 finds out the darkness hidden behind the other side and console hurt and broken teenagers. And also T1419 alarms and awakes people.

Teenagers are hurting each other with various violence and getting hurt from each other in a school. All of this came from imitating the society of grown-ups that teenagers are watching.

The title track,‘EXIT’ describes various moments happen in school, the small society of teenagers in direct lyrics and expresses T1419's chaos. The second journey of T1419 facing this and overcoming and looking for a new exit begins.

3 songs including the title track ‘EXIT(엑시트)’ and B-side songs like ‘Dracula(드라큘라) are in this second single album, ‘BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 2’.


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