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2nd Digital Single Album


[MLD엔터] T1419 ROW 온라인커버.jpg
Release date
Track list
  1.  FLRST (Feat. YUNHWAY)

  2.  FLRST (Feat. YUNHWAY) (Inst.)

Album introduction

The title song of JT&MARCUS’s second digital single album, “FIRST”, is a medium tempo R&B song that refers the “first snow” as the pain caused after a breakup and recalls the memory of his ex-lover as he sees the snow fall.
JT’s calm yet sorrowful vocal along with the lyrics that describe the image of his lover blending in with the fall of the “first snow” are the point of the song. The message that it gives about a lover accepting his breakup, but missing his lover at the same time, like when the first snow easily comes but is then quickly gone, leaves a deep impression.
Moreover, like in the first digital single album, JT&MARCUS participated in the entire process from writing the lyrics and composing the song to producing, thus reaching a level of perfection.
Having a unique style of voice, YUNHWAY participated in the featuring and made the song even more attractive with its uniqueness.


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