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Yummy Yummy Love

Digital Single


Yummy Yummy Love
Release date
Track list
  1.  Yummy Yummy Love

  2. Yummy Yummy Love(Inst.)

Album introduction

MOMOLAND X Natti Natasha
World Class Special Collaboration
'Yummy Yummy Love'

MOMOLAND will release "Yummy Yummy Love", a special collaboration song for the world stage with Natti Natasha, a representative Latin pop artist.
"Yummy Yummy Love" is a pop dance song added exciting Brass and Groovy Guitar Riff on the funky rhythm. They will show enhanced skills by adding Jazzy Scat and fancy ad-libs to this new song.
New song which expresses the sweetness of love is collaborated with the representative Latin pop singer "Natti Natasha", who recorded 2.3 billion views of the music video through her world-renowned hit "Criminal" and has about 34 million SNS followers.
This collaboration between MOMOLAND, which has a huge global fandom, and the world's most popular Latin pop singer "Natti Natasha," will provide a global appeal to domestic as well as overseas fans.


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