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Welcome to MOMOLAND

1st Mini Album


Welcome to MOMOLAND
Release date
Track list


2. JJan! Koong! Kwang!

3. Love Sick

4. Uh-Gi-Yeo-Cha

5. JJan! Koong! Kwang! (INST.)

6. Uh-Gi-Yeo-Cha (INST.)

Album introduction

MOMOLAND finally make debut! Producers like the ‘Avengers’ will lead their debut.
Following ‘Double kick’, Avengers-like producers, Rhymer, Shinsadong Tiger, TENZO&TASCO will lead MOMOLAND’s success. These producers participated as producers and judges in Mnet’s program ‘Survival Finding MOMOLAND’ and this relationship lead to producing of MOMOLAND's debut song, ‘JJan! Koong! Kwang!’ and B-side songs. And it will support MOMOLAND’s success.
Moreover, Yama&Hotchicks’s Bae Yoon Jung who not only participated in ‘Survival Finding MOMOLAND’ as a judge and but also made hit dances of a variety of girl groups such as KARA, Girl's Day, EXID, Brown Eyed Girls made choreography that emphasizes MOMOLAND's individual member’s feature and charm. That’s the reason why people expect another hit dance.
In addition to it, LEE HYOUNG JIN who led Girls Day’s 'Expectation', 'Female President', 'Something', 'Darling' and resulted to made Girls Day one of top girl group in Korea will be the Chief producer. So, it is anticipated to he will lead MOMOLAND to be the 'Next Girls Day”
Music scene in Korea is already predicting MOMOLAND’s big success like TWICE and I.O.I who debuted with Mnet’s survival programs.
Invitation to the ‘Healing Fantasy’ from seven girls, "Welcome to MOMOLAND!"
Seven girls(NANCY,YEONWOO,HYEBIN,NAYUN,AHIN,JANE,JOOE) passed harsh journey of ‘Survival Finding MOMOLAND’ and finally invite you.'' The girls appeared in front of you with a sound of ‘JJan' and dropped onto your heart with a sound of ‘Koong'. And they are ready to make your heart beat Koong‘Kwang'.
MOMOLAND’s first Ep album, 'Welcome to MOMOLAND' literally means an invitation that invites you to the new world. Like the novel, ‘Momo’ written by Ende, a German writer, MOMOLAND will bring back your fantasies you lost in your busy daily life, one after one.
A debut song which is typical and representative - ‘JJan! Koong! Kwang!’
The best producer ‘Double kick’ and ‘TENZO&TASCO’, SEION resolved to get together for MOMOLAND. MOMOLAND. ‘JJan! Koong! Kwang!’, the title song of MOMOLAND’s debut album is a pop melo song that literally means to appear in music scene with a sound like ‘JJan!’, make fans’ heart beat with a sound of ‘Koong!’ moreover they want to pleasure fans as Koong‘Kwang'. Based on elegant Synth Comping, brilliant String Line and exciting beat is the point of this song. Especially, the lyrics expressing the emotion that the heart beats with a sound of ‘Koong!’ to a boy who suddenly appeared with a sound of ‘JJan! well match MOMOLAND’s cute and fresh charm and will be resulted to attract people’s heart.
Fresh emotional album of girls, 'Welcome to MOMOLAND'
As well as ‘JJan! Koong! Kwang!’, this album includes 'Welcome to MOMOLAND', the invitation for you, ‘Uh-Gi-Yeo Cha’ unveiled in the final mission of ‘Survival Finding MOMOLAND’ resulted to get a lot of love, ‘Love Sick’, a song describing the fluttering for love of girls. MOMOLAND’s debut album is like an artwork drawn and filled with diverse charm.
Seven girls are greeting you waving their hands. What you need to do is just following the invitation from the girls and going on a trip with them.


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