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Thumbs Up

2rd Digital Single


Thumbs Up
Release date
Track list

1. Thumbs Up

2. Thumbs Up (S2 & SJ Remix Ver.)

3. Inst.

Album introduction

MOMOLAND who became a global artist will come back finally and expected to make another syndrome. Their new song, [Thumbs Up], is a song that expresses Celeb’s life getting people's attention with sensuous lyrics and this song tells that they want true heart rather than boring praise an attention. This is a song in vina house genre and it shows strong bass and brass sound of funky rhythm. And MOMOLAND 's unique uptension has upgraded the charm of chorus part addiction.' From the music attracting people’s ears to choreography attracting people’s eyes, “MOMOLAND-like”, “MOMOLAND’s own” well-made MOMOLAND will show up.


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