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Starry Night

1st Spacial Album


Starry Night
Release date
Track list

1. Starry Night

2. Pinky Love

3. Chiri Chiri

4. Starry Night (ENG Ver.)

5. Starry Night (Inst.)

Album introduction

MOMLAND’s special album “Starry Night” is expressing MOMOLAND’s own love with the mood of festival. In the night sky full of starlight, MOMOLAND’s festival begins with “Starry Night” hesitating saying the shy love. The love started with its poor first step has been getting grower and bloomed as “Pinky Love” without any moment to hide the pink cheeks. And the moment when the love is getting biggest, the spark of love flowing in the heart bounces ”CHIRI CHIRI”! The festival of MOMOLAND’ fresh and plucky love with the vivid music, has begun now,


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