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Show Me

5rd Mini Album


Show Me
Release date
Track list

1. I’m So Hot

2. Falling U

3. Light Up

4. Holiday

5. What You want

6. I’m So Hot (Inst.)

Album introduction

The title song, [I'm So Hot] has the Jazzy and brass theme and describes HOT life of MOMOLAND that gathering people’s attention and being a star. Following it, a sweet and lovely song, [Falling U] that MOMOLAND prepared for their fan Merries, a song of cheering oneself in boogie sound, [Light Up(빛나)], [Holiday] that describes a rest in busy daily life, [What You want] describing the heart fluttering with love were included. And last, [I'm So Hot (Inst.)] was included. All of these songs are growing people’s expectation.
Following 2018, MOMOLAND are expected to gather again so much love with [Show Me] in 2019. We can’t wait to see MOMOLAND’s stylish charm and trendy music.


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