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Ready Or Not

3rd Single Album


Ready Or Not
Release date
Track list
  1. Ready Or Not

  2. Merry Go Round

  3. Ready Or Not(Inst.)

Album introduction

MOMOLAND’s single album, ‘Ready Or Not’ will be released celebrating 4th anniversary of debut!

'PSY' will write the lyrics of title song aiming the American market.

MOMOLAND will finally come back with Teen Pop genre that they try for the first time!

MOMOLAND comes back under support from world star, PSY and aiming American market with their new single album, ‘Ready Or Not’.

MOMOLADN’s 3rd single album, ‘Ready Or Not” has 3 songs in it including the title song, ‘Ready Or Not’ and a special track, ‘Merry Go Round'.

Another addictive song following the world hit songs, ‘BBoom BBoom', ‘BAAM' and ‘Thumbs Up'!

Another mega hit song, ‘Ready Or Not’ is being looked forward to!


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