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2rd Mini Album


Release date
Track list

1. Freeze

2. I Like It

3. What planet are you from?

4. Orgel

5. Wonderful love (EDM VER.)

6. Freeze INST

Album introduction

[‘MOMOLAND’, the best rising star in 2017]
MOMOLAND who definitely became the best rising star in 2017 with their debut album [Welcome to MOMOLAND] and the single album, [Wonderful love], [Wonderful love(EDM Ver.)] will straightly release their new Ep album, [Freeze!] and are expected to continue to keep their popularity.
[2nd Ep album Freeze!' that cools down the hot summer]
MOMOLAND’s new 2nd Ep album [Freeze!] has been composed with 6 songs including the title song ‘Freeze', ‘I Like It', ‘What planet are you from? ', ‘Orgel', “Wonderful love(EDM Ver.)” and ‘Freeze inst'.
Most of all, the title song [Freeze!] starting with theme melody matches well their amusement park concept. This is a pop dance song which has trendy formation using trap source. And the hook of “hide well or you will be caught~” using traditional children’s song will catch your ears.
Additionally, [I Like It] describes fluttering heart of a girl who starts her love, [What planet are you from?] expresses the emotion of pure love in acoustic and minimal mood and lovely lyrics. And a song with a feature of fantastic and mysterious melody, [Orgel] has unique concept of ‘orgel doll’.]. Moreover, [Wonderful love (EDM Ver.)] had been rearranged into attractive electronic sound resulted to make this Ep album [Freeze!], richer.
MOMOLAND invite you to ‘9 colored’ fantasy drawn with ‘MOMOLAND’s own’ unique charm and mood.


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