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Apr. 03


Establishment of Duble Kick Company

Jul. 22  

Oct. 25  

Nov. 11  

2016 Survival Program “Finding MOMOLAND”

NGO Plan Korea Honorary Ambassadors

MOMOLAND 1st Mini Album "Welcome to MOMOLAND" Released

Apr. 26  

Aug. 22 

Dec. 01  


MOMOLAND 1st Single “Wonderful Love” Released

MOMOLAND 2nd Mini Album “Freeze!” Released

Entered into licensing agreement in Japan

Jan. 26  

Jan. 16  

Feb. 28 

Apr. 12   

Jun. 13   

Jun. 26   

Nov. 6 

Nov. 7  

Nov. 28 

Dec. 1   

Dec. 14


Dec. 20 


MOMOLAND 3rd Mini Album “GREAT!” Released

Renamed as MLD Entertainment

【MOMOLAND The BEST~Korean Ver.~】

License album released in Japan

MOMOLAND 12th Korea Cable TV Awards “Artist of the Year”

MOMOLAND 1st Japanese Single 【BBoom BBoom】 Released

MOMOLAND 4th Mini Album “Fun to The World” Released

MOMOLAND Genie Music Awards “Best Female Dancer Prize”

MOMOLAND 2nd Japanese Single 【BAAM】 Released

MOMOLAND Asia Artist Awards “Best Icon Prize”

MOMOLAND Melon Music Award “1theK Best Performance Prize”

MOMOLAND Asian Music Awards
“Discovery of the Year Prize”

MOMOLAND Korea Popular Music Awards “The Grand Prize”

The legend of MANAGEMENT

can LEAD 

your DREAM come ture

Jan. 5


Jan. 15

Jan. 23

Mar. 20

Apr. 3

May. 7

May. 8

Aug. 22

Sep. 4

Oct. 3

Dec. 30


MOMOLAND 33rd The Golden Disc Awards Category

of Digital Sound Source The Grand Prize

MOMOLAND 28th Seoul Music Awards The Grand Prize

MOMOLAND 8th Gaon Chart Music Awards
Worldwide Rookie of the Year

MOMOLAND 5th Mini Album
"SHOW ME” Released

MOMOLAND X Pororo Theme Song
"Banana ChaCha” Released

MOMOLAND 2nd DS “Love Is Only You” Released

MOMOLAND Japan 3rd Single Album 【I’m So Hot】 Released

Awarded “Bonsang”
at Soribada Best K-Music Awards

MOMOLAND 1st Japanese Album 【Chiri Chiri】 released

Entered into agent agreement ith ABS-CBN Philippines

MOMOLAND 2nd Single "Thumbs Up" released

May. 28

Jun. 11

Jun. 29

Jul. 10

Nov. 17


MOMOLAND X Pororo Theme Song
“Tiki Taka” Released

MOMOLAND Special Album “Starry Night” released

ICM Partners

Lee Jae Jun, Kim Jun Tae had joined
with MLD entertainment

MOMOLAND 3rd Single "Ready Or Not" released

Jan. 11

Feb. 5

Mar. 31

Aug. 23

Oct. 14

Nov. 15

Dec. 2

Dec. 2

Dec. 2

Dec. 23




MOMOLAND Special Album“Wrap Me In Plastic” released

T1419 2nd Single "EXIT" Released

T1419 3rd Single "FLEX" Released

JT&MARCUS 1st Digital Single "Dear you" Released

The M HUH GAK “Miss You" Release

T1419 Digital Single "Red Light, Green Light" Release 

MOMOLAND 2021 AAA "Best Choice Award" 

T1419 2021 AAA "Potential Award” 

JT&MARCUS 2nd Digital Single "FIRST(Feat. YUNHWAY)" Release 

Jan. 14

Feb. 25

Mar. 09

Mar. 22



"Yummy Yummy Love" Release

The M Lyn "Miss You" Released

The M SWEET SORROW, KYUNGSUN "One Step" Released

T1419 Digital Single "EDELWEISS" Released

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