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  • 1. What is the criterion of examination the audition?
    We, MLD entertainment, majorly put the focus on the ability in present and the potential in future. If you show your confidence, you can get the good result.
  • 2. Is it possible for the people who live far from Seoul or live in abroad to apply for?
    Yes. Both of them can apply for the audition.
  • 3. Is the duplicate application possible?
    Yes. Duplicate application in all of department can be accepted. But, to apply for only one department that you can do well is favorable.
  • 4. Is there age-limitation?
    No.. There’s no age-limitation.
  • 5. Is application as a team possible?
    Yes. Team application(more than 2 people) is possible. But team members need to fill out the application form separately.
  • 6. In which way will the result be announced?
    In 2~ 3 weeks after the examination. The applicant who passes will be contacted individually.
  • 7. Is it possible for the person who has fell off before to apply again?
    Yes. It is possible.
  • 8. Is it essential to attach the photos?
    Please notice that the applicants who don’t submit photos, music, video will be excluded from the judgement.
  • 9. Will the person who passes the audition be the trainee right away?
    After monitoring the files applicants sent through the on/off line audition, the applicant who passes will be contacted individually. And individual audition will be held in MLD entertainment’s office. And the final successful candidates will have a chance to be a trainees of MLD entertainment.
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